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100 National Tourist Sites

Discover Bulgaria's top cultural, historical, and natural landmarks, from ancient fortresses to natural wonders, through the 100 National Tourist Sites.

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About Bulgaria

Explore Bulgaria's landscapes, history, culture, and traditions. A Southeast European gem blending ancient roots with contemporary achievements.

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State History

Dive into Bulgaria's past from ancient times, through medieval glory, Ottoman rule, to modern democracy.

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Travel to Bulgaria

Explore Bulgaria, a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. From the Black Sea's beaches to ancient monasteries in the mountains, and lively Sofia's streets.

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Madara Horseman

The Madara Horseman is located 20 kilometers from the city of Shumen and is a landmark symbol of the Madara National Historical and Archaeological Reserve, located in the vicinity of the village of the same name. The rock bas-relief was...

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