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Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument

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They often say, and with good reason, that this is where Bulgaria begins.
This is also the reason why the remarkable monument “Creators of the Bulgarian State” was built above Shumen, opened on 28.11.1981 in honor of the 1300th anniversary of the creation of our Motherland. It has an impressive impact. It recreates the most important moments in the history of The first Bulgarian kingdom, presenting the khans Asparukh – the founder, Tervel – the first Bulgarian diplomat who received the title of “Caesar” from the Byzantine emperor, Krum – the legislator, Omurtag – the builder, Prince Boris – the convert, Tsar Simeon the Great and the scribes Clement, Nahum and Angelarius.

The impact of these remarkable figures is enhanced by the colorful panels of the mosaics and the fragments of inscriptions that every Bulgarian knows, such as the one that begins with the words: “A man may well live, dies and another is born.”

And above all this , 50 meters high, rises the figure of the lion – a symbol of Bulgarian power and vitality. The site of this architectural complex was chosen precisely in the highest part of the Danube plain – the Shumen plateau. And at its foot, only 15 kilometers from the city and 2 kilometers from the current village of Madara, one of the most mysterious and sacred places in Bulgaria is located in the rocks.

This is the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve, in which the main highlight is the Madar horseman, declared by UNESCO as a cultural monument of world importance.

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