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Cherni Vrah – Vitosha

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Cherni vrah is the highest point of Vitosha. Its height above sea level is 2290 m, which makes the mountain the fourth highest in Bulgaria after Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina.

Vitosha is the only domed mountain in our country. Its dome shape is emphasized by its highest peaks, located in close proximity to each other – Reznovete and Cherni vrah. The most unique natural formation of Vitosha are its stone rivers. Part of it has been declared a nature park – the first in our country and on the Balkan Peninsula (declared a national park in 1934), and two reserves are included in it – “Bistrishko Branishte” and “Torfen Reserve”. Vitosha is the most urbanized and with the most densely located material base for recreation, tourism and sports compared to the rest of the Bulgarian mountains.

Cherni vrah is a level meadow that has the shape of an irregular ellipse, about a hundred meters long, near which six groups of round stone mounds rise, symmetrically piled up from the south, west and north. The highest mound rises above the plateau-like watershed ridge that connects with the Carnage. Cherni vrah is located on the Balkan watershed and occupies a central position in the mountain. It resembles a truncated cone, the upper plane of which rises only 40-50 meters above the depression that separates it from Golyam Rezen peak. Its gentle slopes are covered with large rock blocks and grassy subalpine vegetation.

The Vitosha peak is a typical hydrographic node. On its slopes are the source areas of the largest Vitoshka rivers. In the south and west, streams and rivers go to the White Sea, and in the east and north – to the Black Sea. The Struma River, which originates south of Cherni Vrah, is the second highest in Bulgaria. The top of Vitosha is one of the most scenic peaks in our country. To the south and in the background are the imposing peaks of Rila and low Verila (with its highest peak Golyam Debelets). To the left of them is Plana with Mount Manastirishte, to the east is Lozenska mountain, and behind it – Ikhtimanska and Sochtinska Sredna gora.

To the north is the chain of the Stara Planina – from peak Kom to its peak, peak Botev, and to the west the low mountain ranges – Lyulin, Chepan, Lyubash, Viskyar, Cherna Gora and Ruy spread out. Directly next to Vitosha, separated by the valley of the Struma River, you can see the bare hills of Golo Bardo, to the west are the mountains of Kraishte, to the southwest you can see the rounded massif of Osogovo with its peak Ruen. The first scientific mountaineering ascent of Cherni Vrah was carried out in 1836 by the French geologist and traveler Amy Buet. Cherni Vrah is connected with the history of Bulgarian tourism, mountaineering and skiing and is rightly considered its cradle.

On August 27, 1895, at the invitation of Aleko Konstantinov, about 300 people (among them Ivan Vazov) climbed Cherni Vrah, and with this the foundations of the organized tourist movement in our country were laid. The lucky man weakly felt his pen to express his delight, so he turned to Ivan Vazov to describe “this striking picture with its greatness”.

The folk poet responded to Alec’s invitation and wrote the poem “On the Black Peak”. In 1935 on a weather station has been built on the top, making the dream of meteorologists and tourists come true for several generations. It is now used to work with scientific equipment, to house the meteorologists and as a tourist shelter with a tea house for temporary shelter and a short rest for tourists passing over the summit.

Bas-reliefs with the face of Aleko Konstantinov and a commemorative inscription from the people of Alekov have been placed on the observation tower and on a large rock east of it. In 1966, the current movement “Know the Motherland 100 NTO” was started on Cherni Vrah. It is also included in the National Movement “Conqueror of the 10 mountain peaks” under No. 4.

The route of the European tourist route “E-4” passes through it. The most suitable starting points for climbing Black Peak are “Aleko” ich. The godmother”.

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