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Public Libraries

Chitalishte Saznanie 1919

Location: Chitalishte Saznanie 1919 is located at ul. Dobri Chintulov 110, Nadezhda district, Sofia, Bulgaria. Contact Information: Phone: +359 2 938 1028, +359 889 577 254 Email: nch_saznanie@abv.bg About Chitalishte Saznanie 1919:...

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House of Culture Iskar-Library

Location: The House of Culture Iskar, including its library, is located at 23 Krastyu Pastuhov Blvd., 1592 Sofia, Bulgaria. Contact Information: Phone: +359 2 979 04 75 Email: biblioteka_iskar@abv.bg About the Library: The House of...

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Chitalishte Tsar Boris III

Location: Chitalishte Tsar Boris III - 1928 is located at ul. Klokotnitsa 29, 1202 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria. Phone Number: You can contact the community center at +359 885 643 045. About Chitalishte Tsar Boris III - 1928: Established...

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Library Under the Trees

Location: The Library Under the Trees is a unique and innovative outdoor library located in the heart of the South Park (Yuzhen Park), Sofia, Bulgaria. About the Library: The Library Under the Trees, also known as "Biblioteka pod...

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