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Library Under the Trees

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The Library Under the Trees is a unique and innovative outdoor library located in the heart of the South Park (Yuzhen Park), Sofia, Bulgaria.

About the Library:
The Library Under the Trees, also known as “Biblioteka pod Durvetata,” is a community initiative aimed at promoting reading and literacy in an unconventional setting. Situated in the scenic environment of South Park, this library provides a serene and pleasant atmosphere where visitors can enjoy reading in nature.

The concept behind the Library Under the Trees is to make books more accessible to the public, encouraging people of all ages to engage with literature while enjoying the outdoors. The library offers a diverse collection of books, including fiction, non-fiction, children’s literature, and more, catering to a wide range of interests.

Visitors are welcome to borrow books, read them in the park, or even take them home, promoting a culture of sharing and community involvement. The library operates on the principles of trust and mutual respect, relying on visitors to return borrowed books or donate new ones.

Throughout the year, the Library Under the Trees hosts various events such as book readings, storytelling sessions, and literary workshops, fostering a vibrant literary community. These events are designed to engage the public, especially young readers, and to cultivate a love for reading.

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