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Chitalishte Saznanie 1919

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Chitalishte Saznanie 1919 is located at ul. Dobri Chintulov 110, Nadezhda district, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Contact Information:

Phone: +359 2 938 1028, +359 889 577 254
Email: nch_saznanie@abv.bg
About Chitalishte Saznanie 1919:
Established in 1919, Chitalishte Saznanie is a cultural and educational community center that plays a significant role in the local cultural landscape of Sofia. As a traditional Bulgarian chitalishte, it serves multiple functions, including acting as a library, a venue for cultural events, and a place for community gatherings.

The library within Chitalishte Saznanie offers a wide range of books and periodicals, providing resources for education and leisure reading. The center is dedicated to promoting literacy and lifelong learning among residents of the Nadezhda district.

In addition to its library services, Chitalishte Saznanie hosts various cultural activities such as theater performances, music concerts, and art exhibitions. It also offers educational programs, including language courses, dance classes, and workshops for different age groups. These activities aim to foster community engagement and support cultural development in the area.

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