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State History

Republic of Bulgaria (since 1990)

In the ensuing years, Bulgaria underwent a series of political and economic reforms, marking its transition towards democracy and a market economy. The duration of this transition period is subject to debate among scholars and analysts....

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Bulgaria 1878 – 1912

According to the Treaty of Berlin, the Principality of Bulgaria was established as an independent tributary principality under the supreme authority of the Sultan, albeit with a Christian government and a national army (police). Eastern...

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Third Bulgarian State (since 1878)

The inception of the third Bulgarian state dates back to March 3, 1878, following the conclusion of the Russo-Turkish war in San Stefano. Initially, the territory of the new state extended from the Black Sea to Lake Ohrid and from the...

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April Uprising – 1876

The national liberation movement against Ottoman rule in Bulgaria reached a significant milestone with the April Uprising of 1876, a heroic act that ignited the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation (1877-1878). This war ultimately led to the...

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Bulgarian National Revival

The Bulgarian Revival, also known as the Bulgarian Renaissance, marked a significant period in Bulgarian history characterized by a resurgence of national identity, cultural awakening, and aspirations for independence. This revival period...

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