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TV tower

The Sofia TV Tower, also known as the "Kopitoto" TV tower, is the primary TV tower in Bulgaria. Standing at 106 meters tall, it is among the tallest structures in the country. Designed by architect Lyuben Popdonev, construction began in...

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Telephone palace

The Telephone Palace in Sofia was constructed based on the design by Prof. Architect Stancho Belkovski and Architect Boris Yolov. The building's construction commenced in 1938-1939, starting from the eastern part, and it was ultimately...

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Capital Fort Business Center

The Capital Fort, standing at 126 meters, has secured its position as the tallest building in Bulgaria. Situated along Tsarigradsko Shosse in Sofia, this impressive skyscraper has reached the completion of its construction. Designed as a...

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House of Dr. Haralampi Surmadzhiev

The construction of this magnificent two-story house dates back to 1903 when the Viennese architect Friedrich Grünanger designed it for the lawyer and diplomat Dr. Haralampi Sarmadzhiev. It's a splendid blend of architectural styles from...

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