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House of Dr. Haralampi Surmadzhiev


The construction of this magnificent two-story house dates back to 1903 when the Viennese architect Friedrich Grünanger designed it for the lawyer and diplomat Dr. Haralampi Sarmadzhiev. It’s a splendid blend of architectural styles from the turn of the century, incorporating elements of the modern Secession style alongside influences from Viennese Baroque, Mediterranean Renaissance, and Rococo.

This structure stood as a testament to the evolving Bulgarian architecture during that period. Notably, in 1914, the Turkish government rented the residence, eventually purchasing the property in 1916. Grünanger, renowned for his architectural prowess, poured his expertise into crafting this impressive building. Interestingly, he replicated a similar house in Salzburg a decade later known as “Villa Hedwig,” serving as his own residence.

Currently, the building serves as the residence of the Turkish Embassy, retaining its historical and architectural significance within the cityscape.

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