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Park-Museum “Vrana”


“Vrana” Park stands as a testament to the influence of European landscape parks, creating a magnificent ensemble over a span of more than 40 years. The park, spanning less than 100 hectares, is a masterpiece of park art, utilizing decorative vegetation as its “building material.” Impressively, the park boasts 821 tree, shrub, and herbaceous species from 118 families and 435 genera, showcasing a rich variety that contributes to its high artistic value.

This park, a significant work of landscape park art in Bulgaria, rivals the famous European landscape parks of the 19th century in terms of artistic qualities. Originally part of a 140-hectare estate belonging to Bulgarian kings Ferdinand I and Boris III, it was later gifted to the Sofia City Municipality by Tsar Boris III’s son, Simeon Koburgotski, in 2001. Located 11 km from the center of the capital, “Vrana” Park has a historical legacy dating back to 1900.

The park’s creation began 22 years after Bulgaria’s liberation from Ottoman rule, coinciding with a period of early development in the country’s political, economic, and cultural life. The construction spanned 43 years and faced challenges, particularly during its initial stage (1900-1909), due to a lack of planting material resulting from the absence of greenhouses and nurseries for flower and tree-shrub vegetation production. To address this, a diverse assortment of plant species, including saplings and flower seeds from all continents, was introduced to the park.

The original site of “Vrana” Park was a deforested plain during the Ottoman era, with the nearby Iskar River being the only feature breaking the monotony of the landscape. Initially designed as a summer residence for the royal family, the park took on an intimate landscape character, featuring tree massifs, flower meadows, rock gardens, lakes, alleys, and paths that mimic natural forms. This design philosophy aligns with the traditions of many European landscape parks from the past, contributing to the enduring beauty and charm of “Vrana” Park.

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