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Snail House


The “Snail” house, a distinctive architectural gem in the Simeonovo district of Sofia, graces the landscape along “Simeonovsko Shosse” boulevard. Crafted by the visionary architect Simeon Simeonov, this unique structure came to life in 2008, captivating onlookers with its whimsical design. The building takes the form of a vibrant snail, its rounded contours meticulously sculpted from polymer concrete.

Beyond its artistic allure, the “Snail” house boasts remarkable energy efficiency, surpassing that of a renovated building by a factor of eight. Adding to its charm is a spread-winged ladybug perched atop the roof, serving a dual purpose as both a whimsical chimney cover and a delightful aesthetic touch. The ladybug’s antennae not only function as lightning rods but also transform into enchanting lamps, illuminating the structure with a captivating glow during the night.

This architectural marvel has earned its place on the global stage, securing a spot at the pinnacle of the list of the world’s most peculiar buildings. The “Snail” house stands as a testament to the fusion of creativity and functionality, offering a delightful spectacle for residents and visitors alike in the vibrant city of Sofia.

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