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Lovers’ Bridge


The Bridge of Lovers in Sofia is an unofficial name for a pedestrian overpass located near the National Palace of Culture (NDK) in the city center. Here are some key details about the bridge:

1. Location: The Bridge of Lovers spans Bulgaria Blvd. near Fritjof Nansen St. and Cherni Vrah Blvd. It is situated close to the National Palace of Culture.

2. Unofficial Name: The bridge earned its informal name, “Bridge of Lovers,” likely because it has become a popular meeting spot for young couples.

3. Features: Next to the bridge, there is a McDonald’s restaurant with a large arch, adding to the recognizable features of the area.

4. Public Events: Occasionally, various public events are organized on the bridge, adding to its significance as a public space for gatherings and activities.

The combination of its central location, pedestrian-friendly design, and the adjacent McDonald’s arch makes the Bridge of Lovers a distinctive spot in Sofia, serving both as a practical crossing and a social meeting place.

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