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Sofia Tech Park


Sofia Tech Park AD is primarily focused on executing projects aimed at fostering the research, innovation, and technological capabilities of Bulgaria. The company collaborates with both private and public entities to establish and manage an innovative environment. One of its key projects involves creating the first science and technology park in Bulgaria. The park is envisioned as a distinguished hub attracting national, regional, and global researchers and innovative companies.

The overarching goal is to enhance Bulgaria’s scientific and entrepreneurial competitiveness by facilitating knowledge exchange between academia and businesses. Sofia Tech Park aims to support emerging and innovative ideas, acting as a catalyst for the commercialization of scientific research. The John Atanasov Innovation Forum, functioning as a bridge between the scientific and business communities, hosts various events related to key areas such as science, information and communication technologies, innovation, education, and green energy.

Situated at Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. No. 111, the Science and Technology Park offers a central entrance for cars at Aviation Square (fourth kilometer) with a paid multi-storey car park on-site. Pedestrian access is available from Aviation Square and through a pedestrian bridge over Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. Multiple public transport lines have stops near the park.

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