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Saint Petka Stara Church

The church you're referring to, "Sveta Petka Stara," holds a significant historical background within Sofia. Built between 1241 and 1257, it stood as a prominent structure until its destruction in 1386 during the capture of Sofia. Despite...

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Orthodox Church “St. Petka”

The temple dedicated to Saint Petka Tarnovska, nestled in the "Orlandovtsi" neighborhood near the "Saint Three Saints" monastery in Sofia, has a significant history. Constructed in 1885, the land for this church was generously provided by...

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Romanian Church “Holy Trinity”

The Romanian Orthodox Church "Holy Trinity" in Sofia, situated in the heart of the city, holds a significant historical presence. Erected between 1905 and 1912 under the craftsmanship of Vasil Gligov and the architectural design by...

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Church “St. George of Sofia Newest”

The Church of "St. George of Sofia the Newest" holds a poignant history within the grounds of Alexandrovska Hospital. Its construction was made possible through the collective effort of doctors, patients, priests, citizens, and business...

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Church of Saint George the Victorious

The church "St. George the Victorious" stands proudly in Sofia's Gorublyane district, a symbol of reverence for Saint Great Martyr George the Victorious. His story spans across both Eastern and Western Christian traditions, revered as a...

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Chepin Monastery “Holy Three Saints”

The Chepin Monastery, known as the "Holy Three Saints," is situated just a short distance from the northeast arc of the Sofia Ring Road. The monastery is dedicated to the veneration of three significant saints in Orthodox Christianity:...

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