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Chepin Monastery “Holy Three Saints”


The Chepin Monastery, known as the “Holy Three Saints,” is situated just a short distance from the northeast arc of the Sofia Ring Road. The monastery is dedicated to the veneration of three significant saints in Orthodox Christianity: Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom. Its proximity to the “Great Mound,” a Thracian burial mound, lends an air of historical significance to its surroundings.

Throughout the period of Ottoman rule, the monastery often provided refuge to outlaws, resulting in several instances of destruction by the Ottomans. One of the most notable instances occurred in 1872, following the Turkish treasury robbery at Arabakonak.

In 1906, a new monastery construction project was initiated at the site of the old one. Alongside the main church, the present-day monastery incorporates two newly built chapels, namely St. Petka and St. Prophet Elijah. These chapels boast fully painted walls, depicting religious scenes. Additionally, a new residential building was erected in 1993 with the generous assistance of donors. An integral part of the complex is the partially collapsed Shatovsko Church, dating back to 1906.

The monastery remains an active religious site, fostering spiritual practices and observances. The feast of the Three Saints is officially celebrated on January 30th, attracting pilgrims and devotees to honor these revered saints and partake in religious rituals.

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