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Assumption Orthodox Church


The Assumption Orthodox Church, situated in the Malashevtsi district of Sofia, was originally constructed in 1905 as a single-ship church. It was consecrated on August 15, 1905, by Bishop Gregory. The church underwent comprehensive renovations in 1999, preserving its historical significance. It features a porch with a belfry positioned above it.

The church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Holy Virgin and is equipped with three sanctuaries. The central sanctuary is dedicated to the Assumption, the southern one is dedicated to St. Constantine and Elena, celebrated on May 21, and the northern one is dedicated to St. George, commemorated on May 6. The icons adorning the iconostasis date back to the church’s inception in 1905.

Adjacent to the church, there used to be a monastery known as “St. George the Victorious.” Presently, on May 6, a special observance is held at this location. The Assumption Orthodox Church continues to be an essential spiritual and cultural landmark in the Malashevtsi district.

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