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Boyanska church


The Boyana Church, situated at the base of Vitosha mountain in the Boyana district of Sofia, has earned praise as a “paradise on earth” by prestigious publications like Neue Zurcher Zeitungse. Renowned worldwide, this Bulgarian treasure is adorned with 89 scenes and 240 images, displayed with grace and precision. The frescoes, deemed a divine creation, hold the 42nd spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Designated a national museum due to its immense artistic value, the Boyana Church invites visitors to its beautiful courtyard, originally intended as the final resting place for King Ferdinand’s wife, Eleonora. King Ferdinand even imported three sequoias from North America for the garden, planting them around Eleonora’s grave.

Upon entering the church, guests are captivated by the vibrant shapes and colors. The identity of the master artist behind the 1259 frescoes remains a mystery, adding an air of intrigue. The north wall features a family portrait of the founders, Sevastokrator Kaloyan and Desislava, depicted in opulent ceremonial attire. Portraits of King Constantine and Queen Irina are believed to be early examples of portrait painting.

Folklore motifs are skillfully integrated into scenes like the Last Supper, where bread, turnips, and garlic proudly feature on a hand-woven cloth. A rare depiction of the “Feeding of the Holy Virgin by an Angel” adds further intrigue.

After exploring the wonders of the Boyana Church, visitors can extend their experience with a short walk in the Vitosha foothills, perhaps even arranging a small picnic in the midst of nature’s beauty.

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