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Historical sites

Ruins of the Church of St. Spas

The church is part of an archaeological complex that existed in the period from the end of the 12th century to the 19th century. The temple was reconstructed and destroyed several times during the Ottoman yoke. After the Liberation, it...

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The grave of Niil Izvorov

The resting place of Niil Izvorov is situated adjacent to the south-eastern wall of the apse of the Church of Saint Sedmochislenitsi in Sofia. Niil Izvorov was a notable figure during the Bulgarian Revival period, deeply involved in the...

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The grave of Petko Karavelov

The final resting place of the distinguished Bulgarian statesman, Petko Karavelov, alongside his wife, is situated along the northern wall of the apse within the Church of the Seven Saints in Sofia. Karavelov held the esteemed position of...

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Stone from Mount Shipka

The stone's significance, sourced from the renowned Shipka peak, symbolizes the commemoration and construction of a monument dedicated to the valiant militia heroes of the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation (1877-1878) in Bulgaria's capital....

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Ancient amphitheater

The Serdika Amphitheater in Sofia holds significant historical and architectural importance. Here are key details about this ancient complex: 1. Location: Situated in the central part of Sofia, the Serdika Amphitheater is part of a...

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Kazichene Royal Station

Close to the Kazichene station, situated directly between the railway tracks, stands the "Tsar's Station," constructed in the Viennese architectural style by Tsar Ferdinand. This station served as the departure point for Tsar Boris III,...

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