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A building where Prof. Iliya Beshkov lived

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Iliya Beshkov (1901-1958) was indeed a prominent Bulgarian artist, writer, and teacher, widely recognized as one of the most remarkable Bulgarian artists of the 20th century. Here’s a brief overview of his life and contributions:

– Early Life and Education: Born in 1901 in Dolni Dabnik, Beshkov initially attended the Law Faculty of Sofia University. However, his passion for art led him to pursue painting at the Art Academy, studying under Professor Nikola Marinov. He graduated in 1926.

– Political Activism: Beshkov’s involvement in political events marked this period of his life. He was arrested twice, first in 1923 for participating in the June Uprising and later after the April events in 1925.

– Teaching Career: Beshkov’s artistic talents extended to teaching. From 1945 onwards, he taught drawing, illustration, and book layout at the Academy. In 1953, he became a full professor and headed the “Graphics” department until his passing.

– Illustration Work: One of the notable aspects of Beshkov’s career is his extensive work in illustrating over 45 books for children and teenagers. His illustrations adorned children’s magazines and newspapers, contributing significantly to the cultural and artistic landscape.

– Legacy: In 1971, the Union of Bulgarian Artists established the Iliya Beshkov Award for Drawing and Caricature in his honor, recognizing his lasting impact on the art community.

Iliya Beshkov’s artistic legacy continues to be celebrated, and his contributions to both the visual arts and education in Bulgaria are remembered with admiration.

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