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Residential building where Elin Pelin lived

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Dimitar Ivanov Stoyanov (1877-1949), widely recognized by the pseudonym Elin Pelin, stands as a prominent Bulgarian writer. His educational journey commenced with primary schooling in Bailovo, leading to subsequent studies in Sofia, Zlatitsa, Panagyurishte, and Sliven, where he completed the 5th and 6th grades. Despite not completing high school, Elin Pelin briefly served as a teacher in Bailovo before settling in Sofia.

His literary career began in 1895 with the publication of poems like “The Fatherland is Sweet” (in the magazine “Voynishka Sbirka”) and “On Mother’s Grave” (“Izvor” magazine). Elin Pelin’s repertoire includes numerous poems, short stories, and prose works such as “The Heroes,” “Earth,” and prose poems like “Black Roses.”

In 1908, he assumed a position at the National Library, contributing to the literary and cultural landscape of Bulgaria. Later, in 1926, Elin Pelin became the curator of the “Ivan Vazov” museum, a role he fulfilled until 1944. In 1940, he was elected chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and gained membership in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Elin Pelin’s impactful literary journey came to an end with his passing in Sofia on December 3, 1949.

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