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The central historical core of Sofia

Historical sites

It has been declared a historical-archaeological reserve since 1976. Some of the most unique cultural monuments are located on the territory. In the central part of the city are the two main cultural and historical modules: the reserve “Serdika-Sredets” and the Sofia necropolis around the church “Sveta Sofia” and the temple-monument “Alexander Nevsky”. The remains of the ancient Serdika fortress are on display in the underpass between the Presidency and the Council of Ministers in the center of the city. Among the most famous monuments on the territory are the East and West gates of Serdika, the churches “St. Petka”, “St. Petka Samardzhiyska”, the rotunda “St. George”, the temple “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker”, the basilica “St. Sofia” , the church “St. Nedelya” and the Russian Church, the Prince’s Palace, the Archaeological Museum, hotel and concert hall “Bulgaria”, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Military Club, the embassies of Austria and Italy, the house of Dimitar Jablanski on Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

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