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Holy Sunday Church


“Sveta Nedelya” is an Orthodox church in Sofia, dedicated to the holy great martyr Nedelya. The original church was probably built in the 10th century and, like other Sofia temples of that time, it had stone foundations and a wooden structure above. At the beginning of the 1950s, the Sofia Metropolis and the Sofia City Church Municipality decided to build a new cathedral. On May 7, 1856, the construction of the new church began. Next to the church is a square with the same name. The Church “Sveta Nedelya” is the cathedral of the Sofia Metropolis. It occupies the place of the old Koruchesme square, which was famous for its spring, shaded by centuries-old trees. Today the square is called “Holy Sunday”. Exarch Joseph I died on June 20, 1915. He was buried on the south side of the temple, near the side altar door. Three years later, Metropolitan Parthenius of Sofia, who was buried on the north side of the temple, rested.

The church was destroyed on April 16, 1925 during a communist attack during the funeral of General Konstantin Georgiev. 193 people were killed, around 500 were injured. It is believed that this was the worst terrorist act in the history of Bulgaria, and at that time in the world. The restoration of the temple began in June 1927, the temple was solemnly consecrated on April 7, 1933.

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