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Saint Petka Stara Church


The church you’re referring to, “Sveta Petka Stara,” holds a significant historical background within Sofia. Built between 1241 and 1257, it stood as a prominent structure until its destruction in 1386 during the capture of Sofia. Despite this, historical records indicate that by 1578, Sofia had a total of twelve active churches, with “Sveta Petka Stara” being one of them.

Remnants of the late antique palace complex once belonging to Constantine the Great, a notable Roman emperor, were unearthed in proximity to this church. The church itself is a part of the Sofia Metropolis complex, showcasing its relevance within the city’s historical and religious landscape. While information about the church’s subsequent renovation and reopening isn’t readily documented, its earlier presence and association with Sofia’s ecclesiastical past remain integral to the city’s heritage.


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