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Ancient Church “Sveta Petka”


The church “Sveta Petka-Stara” (St. Paraskeva the Old) holds historical and religious significance, particularly in connection with the Thracian monk Paraskeva. Here are some key points about the church:

1. Dedication: The church is dedicated to the Thracian monk Paraskeva, also known as St. Petka. She was a native of Epivat and lived in the 11th century.

2. Inscription: An inscription at the southern entrance of the church indicates that the ancient temple, named “St. Petka,” existed in 1241. This inscription suggests that the church was either renovated or reconstructed on old foundations during that time.

3. Relics Transfer: The historical data associated with the church suggests that in 1241, the temple was possibly renovated or newly built to honor the transfer of the relics of Reverend Paraskeva-Petka to Bulgarian territory. This transfer was significant and took place in Tarnovo, the capital of the Bulgarian kingdom at that time.

4. Original Structure: The original building of the temple in 1241 was described as a small one-nave structure with stone foundations, masonry, and a wooden superstructure.

The church, therefore, has a long history and has witnessed events related to the veneration of St. Petka. It stands as a place of worship and historical significance, connecting the present with the religious and cultural heritage of the past.

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