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Church “St. St. Constantine and Helena”


The construction and consecration of the “St. St. Constantine and Elena” Chapel in Sofia is a significant event that unfolded over several years. Here are the key details:

1. Initiative Committee (1999): In 1999, an initiative committee, including individuals like Ekaterina Kehaiova, Maria Georgieva, Konstantin Dilchev, Kostadin Kosev, and priest-economist Spas Spasov, initiated the idea of building a chapel in the “Vazrazhdane” district of Sofia.

2. Blessing and Support: The initiative received the blessing of His Holiness the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim and the support of His Eminence Gabriel, who was the Vicar Bishop of the Holy Metropolis of Sofia at that time.

3. Chapel Name: The future temple was named “St. St. Constantine and Elena.”

4. Diocesan Council Approval (2000): The Diocesan Council, in its meeting on May 18, 2000, blessed the idea and confirmed the board of trustees as a legal entity.

5. Right to Build (2001): With Decision No. 37 of March 19, 2001, the Metropolitan Council ceded the right to build on municipal property to the Church Trusteeship at the “Saint Constantine and Helena” Chapel free of charge.

6. Construction Begins (August 2003): After completing formalities and project planning, the construction of the temple began in August 2003.

7. Consecration (October 8, 2006): The consecration of the temple took place on October 8, 2006, by His Eminence Nikolay. The event was attended by the capital’s mayor, Boyko Borisov, and included the relics of St. Tryphon and a particle of the relics of St. George.

8. Current Status: The temple is open all day, hosting Sunday and holiday services. The chairman of the church board is priest Vasili Vassilev.

The construction and consecration of the chapel represent a community effort and a significant milestone for the residents of the “Vazrazhdane” district in Sofia.

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