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Transfiguration Church


The Transfiguration Church in Lozenets district, Sofia, holds historical significance as one of the prominent religious structures in the area. Here are some key details about the church:

1. Location: The Transfiguration Church is situated in the Lozenets district, near the National Palace of Culture (NDK) in Sofia.

2. Construction Year: The original church was built in 1928. It was designed with three naves, a transept at the entrance, and a bell tower.

3. Destruction and Reconstruction: The church faced destruction during the Anglo-American bombing of Sofia on January 10, 1944. Following the bombing, the church was rebuilt in the fall of 1945. The reconstructed temple was made longer and higher than the original structure.

The church stands as a testament to the resilience of religious and cultural landmarks in the face of historical challenges, showcasing both its architectural and historical significance to the community in Sofia.

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