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Church “St. Nicholas”


The church “St. Nikolay Mirlikiyski Chudotvorets” in Gorna Banya is a vibrant center in the district, nestled near the crossroads, opposite the park in front of Mineralna Banya. Its historical roots stretch back to the late 19th century, with records indicating its construction in 1882 and subsequent consecration in 1885 by Metropolitan Meletius.

Celebrating its temple holiday on May 9, coinciding with St. Nicholas’ summer day in the church calendar, the church stands as a testament to both religious significance and architectural heritage. Its construction from stones contributes to its enduring presence, with dimensions measuring 18 meters in length, 8.5 meters in width, and a height of 8 meters, all enveloped by the embrace of majestic trees.

The church underwent further enhancement in 1938 with the addition of the bell tower, an augmentation to its original structure. Notably, Italian builders contributed to its initial construction, marking a historical connection to the elevation of Prince Alexander Battenberg to the throne.

What adds to the allure and craftsmanship of the church is the intricate wood carving that adorns its interior, particularly evident in the meticulously crafted iconostasis, the princely throne, and the intricacies of the princely carvings. This exquisite workmanship embodies the dedication and artistry of its creators, further enriching the historical and cultural significance of the church.

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