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Khachkar monument in Yerevan Garden


The “khachkar,” an emblematic medieval stone monument originating from Armenia, carries a profound significance as a symbol of Armenian heritage and culture. These monuments typically feature intricate carvings, often displaying a cross, and various ornate decorations etched into the stone. Placed at crossroads, within monasteries, or as independent Christian relics, khachkars hold considerable religious and cultural importance in Armenia and regions populated by Armenians.

Remarkably, a khachkar is situated in the “Yerevan” garden on Vladaiska Street in Sofia. Its presence serves as a bridge between cultures, a testament to the enduring cultural ties between Armenia and Bulgaria. The inauguration of this khachkar, marked by the joint efforts of Sofia’s mayor, Boyko Borisov, and Yerevan’s mayor, Ervand Zakharyan, on September 10, 2008, signifies the mutual appreciation of cultural heritage and the fostering of bilateral relations between the two cities.

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