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Church of St. George the Victorious


The church “St. Vmchk. Georgi Pobedonosets,” constructed between 1899 and 1909 based on the architectural design by architect Alexi Nachev, stands as a testament to both architectural prowess and artistic craftsmanship. Consecrated in 1918, this church holds significance beyond its architectural beauty.

What draws considerable attention to the church are the masterpieces created by four renowned carvers hailing from different schools and generations. Their exquisite works within the church further enhance its allure, contributing to its artistic and cultural significance.

Additionally, the church’s interior features murals dating back to 2002, adding a contemporary touch to its historical and artistic legacy. These murals, created relatively recently, contribute to the ongoing narrative and artistic journey of “St. Vmchk. Georgi Pobedonosets,” blending modern artistry with the timeless essence of the church’s historical presence.

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