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Temple “St. Dimitar”


The church was initially constructed in 1922 but suffered destruction during the bombing of Sofia on March 30, 1944. In 1956, the church was reconstructed in its current form and consecrated by Patriarch Kirill. It is a faithful reproduction of the “St. Dimitar” temple in Thessaloniki, albeit on a smaller scale. The church comprises two floors, with side balconies supported by 12 columns. There is a Holy See, vestibule, and an exterior tower with a belfry. The central portion of the church was adorned by artist Nikolay Shelekhov in 1967, while Nikolay Rostovtsev added paintings to the side balconies and two upper chapels in 1971. Additionally, a chapel dedicated to “St. Dimitar” stands in the churchyard, serving as a temporary place of worship after the bombings until the new church was completed. The small chapels within the temple are not consecrated.

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