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Church “St. Reverend Paisius Hilendarski”


The Orthodox Church “St. Reverend Paisii Hilendarski” stands proudly within the precincts of the 67 “Vasil Drumev” Primary School in Sofia, serving as a living tribute to the legacy of Reverend Paisii Hilendarski, an iconic figure in Bulgaria’s cultural and national awakening.

Reverend Paisii, also known affectionately as Father Paisii, stands as a beacon of Bulgaria’s national revival and liberation movement. His seminal work, the “Slavic Bulgarian History,” remains an enduring testament to his profound influence on the nation’s consciousness. Born in 1722 in the Samokov Diocese, known then by the secular name Penko or Peter, his teachings and writings became pivotal in shaping the Bulgarian cultural identity.

While the exact circumstances of his passing remain somewhat elusive, it’s believed that Reverend Paisii’s journey ended in 1773 on the path to Sveta Gora in the settlement of Ambellino, which now bears the name “St. George” and resides as a district of Asenovgrad. The church that bears his name serves as a reminder of his indelible mark on Bulgarian history and remains a cherished site honoring his profound contributions to the nation’s awakening.

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