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The building of the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria


The Presidency building in Sofia is a significant government structure located in the city center on “Dondukov” Blvd. Here are some key details about the Presidency building:

1. Location: The building is situated on “Dondukov” Blvd., placing it in close proximity to other important institutions such as the Council of Ministers, the National Assembly, and the Bulgarian National Bank. The “Serdika” metro station is also nearby.

2. Construction Period: The Presidency building was constructed during the years 1954-1956.

3. Architect: The main architect responsible for the design of the building was Ivan Danchov.

4. Purpose: The Presidency building serves as the official residence and workplace of the head of state of the Republic of Bulgaria, along with their team.

5. Guard of Honor: In front of the main entrance, there is a guard of honor, and there is a tradition of changing the guard every hour.

6. Architectural Significance: The building is recognized for its architectural significance and is considered one of the most beautiful and imposing structures in the capital.

Given its central location and role as the seat of the Bulgarian head of state, the Presidency building holds both symbolic and practical importance within the governmental landscape of Sofia.

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