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Jablanski’s house


The Jablanski House, situated in the heart of Sofia, stands as a renowned architectural gem, earning its designation as a cultural monument in 1955. Constructed during 1906-1907 at the behest of the financier Dimitar Jablanski, the building is a testament to the vision of Austrian architect Friedrich Grünanger, with external embellishments crafted by the palace decorator Andreas Greiss.

Architecturally, the Jablanski House showcases a fusion of Baroque style with Renaissance decorative elements, while the interior exudes the elegance of Rococo design. Notably, the mansard floor contributes to the building’s artistic allure, featuring wrought iron balcony railings and sculptural cartouches adorned with female figures. Every detail, including the furniture and materials, was meticulously sourced and imported from Vienna, adding to the building’s distinctive character and historical significance.

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