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Bulgarian uprisings in the 17th century

State History

In the late 17th century, despite the efforts of figures like Petar Parcevich, Bulgaria continued to experience suppression under Ottoman rule. Parcevich’s tireless advocacy for Bulgaria’s liberation took him on diplomatic missions across Europe, seeking support from various Christian powers. However, he passed away in 1674 in Rome, where he was buried in the Basilica of St. Andrea della Frate.

Following Parcevich’s efforts, Bulgaria saw several major uprisings in the late 17th century, although they were ultimately suppressed by Ottoman forces:

– 1686: The Second Tarnovo Uprising
– 1688: The Chiprov Uprising
– 1689: The Karposh Uprising

These uprisings reflected the continued desire for liberation among the Bulgarian people, despite the challenges they faced under Ottoman rule.

The subsequent period, known as the Renaissance, spanning the 18th and 19th centuries, would see renewed efforts for Bulgarian national revival, cultural awakening, and eventual independence.

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