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Pencho Slaveykov National Community Center 1919

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Pencho Slaveykov National Community Center is located in the Lozenets district, at ul. Oborishte 10, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Phone Number:
For inquiries, you can contact the community center at +359 2 944 28 30.

About the Community Center:
Established in 1919, the Pencho Slaveykov National Community Center has been a vital cultural and educational institution in Sofia. The center is named after the renowned Bulgarian poet Pencho Slaveykov and serves as a hub for various cultural activities, including literary events, music, theater, and art exhibitions.

The community center offers a diverse range of educational programs such as language courses, music lessons, and dance classes, catering to both children and adults. It is dedicated to preserving and promoting Bulgarian cultural heritage while also fostering contemporary cultural expressions.

Throughout its long history, the center has been instrumental in enriching the cultural life of the Lozenets district and the wider Sofia community. It continues to be a place where people come together to learn, create, and celebrate Bulgarian culture.

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