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Community Center Slavyanska Beseda

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Community Center Slavyanska Beseda is located at 3 Slavyanska Street, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Phone Number:
You can contact the center at +359 2 935 98 33.

About Community Center Slavyanska Beseda:
The Community Center Slavyanska Beseda, situated in the heart of Sofia, serves as a significant cultural and historical landmark. The building, which also houses the Slavyanska Beseda Hotel and Theatre, is known for its unique architectural style that combines elements of Vienna Baroque and Secession, reflecting the modernist aspirations of Sofia.

The center is a hub for various cultural activities, including theater performances, literary events, and art exhibitions. It has played an important role in the cultural life of Sofia since its establishment, fostering a sense of community and promoting cultural exchange.

The location of the Community Center Slavyanska Beseda is particularly advantageous, as it is surrounded by major cultural and historical sites such as the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, the National Opera, and St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. This central position makes it easily accessible and a popular spot for both locals and tourists interested in exploring the cultural heritage of Sofia.

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