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National IAR “Veliki Preslav”

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Veliki Preslav is the second Bulgarian capital (from 893 to 969). The city arose in the first half of the 9th century, during the reign of Khan Omurtag, as a military camp with a fortified palace and garrison. King Simeon the Great proclaimed it the capital (the era of the “Golden Age”). The greatest men of the pen worked here – John the Exarch, Black-bearded Brave, Konstantin Preslavsky, Presbyter Cosmas. Dozens of immovable monuments have been discovered on the territory of the reserve and its surroundings, and original works of Old Bulgarian and Middle Byzantine art can be seen in the exposition of the museum. Among them are masterpieces such as tableware, decorative tiles, the Preslav gold treasure, ceramic iconostasis and icons, among which that of St. Theodore Stratilatus – a monument of world importance, a unique collection of lead seals, a valuable collection of epigraphic monuments.

The impressive construction that unfolded in the new capital during the time of King Simeon was aimed at building a reliable defense system. But he had another goal: to shape the city into a center worthy of rivaling in magnificence and remarkable architectural achievements Constantinople itself, a city he knew well.

The palace complex was connected to the throne palace through the so-called “warm connection” – a truly original solution. It was built strong, for centuries. The proof is the iron clamps that connected the stone blocks. The second Bulgarian capital had a water supply and sewage network, and a bathroom with cleverly constructed underfloor heating was also opened.

One of the best-preserved archaeological sites from Preslav’s glorious past is the so-called Round or Golden Church. And if the iron was looted and the wood rotted over the centuries, fortunately, quite a few of the sculpted stone details survived to remind of the once rich Preslav artistic style.

Just below the remarkable building of the temple is the modest monument of its discoverer, the teacher Yordan Gospodinov, who wished to find his eternal rest right here. Although he had no special education, he did not agree with the opinion of the Russian scientist Prof. Ouspensky that “the Preslav antiquities have been completely looted and promise little in terms of science”. her, that’s why he is rightly called the “Bulgarian Schliemann”. Together with his close friend Karel Shkorpil, he attracted prominent citizens of Preslav and thus the archaeological society “Ticha” was born. In 1934, at the insistence of the inhabitants of Preslav, Yordan Gospodinov became the mayor of the city, but his attempts to secure funds from the state budget for its elevation as historical and cultural center are failing, he demonstratively resigned and retired. However, his efforts were not in vain and what he did remains forever, today preserved mainly in the archaeological museum, whose collections brilliantly present the phenomenon of the “Golden Age” and illustrate the place of Simeon’s capital as a leading center of Slavic writing, art and artistic crafts in the European Southeast in the 9th-10th centuries.

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