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Ancient City “Kabile”

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The Thracian royal city of Kabyle was located on the southeastern slope of a hill ending with a rocky acropolis-sanctuary. The rock-hewn sanctuary is located in the eastern part of “Zaichi Vrah”, which is the only elevation in the vicinity, by the bend of the Tonzos river /dn. Tundzha river. The settlement arose at the end of the 2nd millennium BC.

Kabyle’s location as a crossroads of important roads has determined its fate over the centuries.

Historical sources connect Kabyle with the colonization activity of the Macedonian ruler Philip II in connection with his campaigns in Thrace 342 – 341 BC. The famous inscription from Sevtopolis presents it as a city built according to the Hellenic urban planning rules and traditions. At the end of the 4th – the beginning of the 3rd century BC. Kabyle was the residence of the Thracian kings Spartok and Skostok. During the 3rd – 2nd centuries BC. the city is a major economic and commercial center. It maintains active trade relations with the entire Aegean world, not only as a traditional consumptive center of imported products, but also as an equal participant in trade exchange and is the only one in Inner Thrace with its own coinage.

Kabyle was captured by the Romans led by Marcus Lucullus in 72 BC, and from the beginning of the 2nd century it became the most important military camp in the province of Thrace. With the adoption of Christianity as the official religion in 313, Kabyle is one of the leading episcopal centers. The following centuries, marked by barbarian invasions and dramatic events, put an end to organized urban life in Kabyle. At the end of the 6th century AD. the city was finally destroyed by the Avars.

In the 11th – 14th centuries AD. a small medieval settlement exists on top of the destroyed ancient city. The lack of a modern settlement built on the ancient city makes it extremely fertile for research and exposure. Since 1927, the territory on which Kabile was located has been declared a national antiquities. Since 1969, it has been a cultural monument of national importance and a national archaeological reserve, and since 1979 it has been declared a nature-protected site.

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