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Regional historical museum, Yambol

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The Yambol Historical Museum owes its creation to the selfless, collecting and research activities of local intellectuals who laid the foundations of historical research for the region. Already in 1886, the first museum collection was established in the three-grade boys’ school in Yambol, on the initiative of Prof. Petar Noikov. The Archaeological Student Society Diana (founded 1925) also organized a museum collection in 1926. At that time, well-known local intellectuals founded the civil archaeological society “Diampolis”, which developed active activities in the field of archeology and ethnography. The exhibits collected by these societies were kept until 1936 in the building of the Yambol Pedagogical High School. In 1948, the “Museums and Galleries” department of the Committee for Science, Art and Culture wrote a letter suggesting to the GNS-Yambol to include in its budget for 1949 the office of “Assistant in Antiquities” and museum premises.

On January 26, 1952, Veneta Dacheva was appointed to the position of “Museum and Picture Gallery” officer. This act marks the beginning of the museum as an institution. The museum was officially opened on 2.VI.1953 as a museum of the revolutionary movement. Until 1955, V. Dacheva was the only editor in it.

Initially, three departments existed in the museum: historical (including the historical development of Yambol and the region from prehistory to 1944); socialist construction (reflecting the events after 1944) and a natural science department. Its first exhibits are part of the museum collection of the archaeological societies. Gradually, the museum activity grew and the number of specialists working in it increased.

The funds of the museum (main and auxiliary) altogether include about 90,000 exhibits of native history, some of them of inestimable scientific value, distributed among the respective departments.
Together with the organization JOCV (Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers), the museum implemented a pilot project on computerization of museum work. As a result, a program for computer processing of museum exhibits was developed and a database was created for the existing museum funds. An internal computer network has been built in the museum.

Thanks to its rich funds and good specialists, over the past years the Regional History Museum – Yambol has organized more than 30 large-scale exhibitions related to the history of the city and the region. The museum has dozens of scientific and popular publications on various regional historical issues. In 1995, museum specialists began publishing “News of the Yambol Museum”. The museum’s funds continue to be replenished annually both from collecting activities and donations, as well as from the decades-long excavations of the ancient city of Kabile and a prehistoric settlement mound near the village of Drama. The result of these studies are three international symposiums “Settled life in Thrace” and numerous scientific publications.

Work time:
Working hours:
Monday – Friday: from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00
Saturday and Sunday: Holidays (working only by prior request)

Entrance fees:
Entrance for adults – BGN 5.00
Entrance for schoolchildren, students and adults over 65 – BGN 4.00
Group ticket for 20 and more adults aged 18-65 – BGN 3.00 per visitor
Group ticket for 20 and more students , students and adults over 65 – BGN 2 per visitor
Family visit: Adult – BGN 4.00 Child from 7 to 18 years – BGN 2.00

Talk price:
Overview talk – BGN 5
Specialized talk – BGN 15.00

Regional Historical Museum – Yambol
Bulgaria, Yambol 8600ul. “White Sea” 2
Phone: 046/66 34 03

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