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Museum of Battle Glory, Yambol

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The construction of the Museum of Battle Glory in Yambol is connected with the cause of preserving the identity of the military formations deployed in the city of Yambol and the region in the period after the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule until the present day.

The idea of creating the “Museum of Battle Glory” is the responsibility of the Yambol citizens, the initiative committee of SOZRS, the patriot societies and organizations in the city. Guided by this idea, with the full support of the mayor of Yambol municipality, Mr. Georgi Slavov, the foundations are being laid for the creation of the first municipal specialized military museum in Bulgaria.

At the XXXIV meeting held on July 28, 2010. Yambol municipal council decides to create a “Museum of Battle Glory” in the town of Yambol. A military area known to all Yambol residents as the “Pioneer Barracks” was selected as the location for the museum. The area where the 3rd Pioneer Company was stationed. To implement the decision of the municipal council with Order No. RD 02/0255/ May 27, 2011. the mayor of the municipality of Yambol created a working group of 15 people, which began searching and collecting activities for the future museum exhibition. The realization of the idea became possible with the partnership between the municipality of Yambol and the Ministry of Defense, which donated the majority of the exhibits. The museum is opened with an official ceremony on May 9, 2013. and is the only specialized military municipal museum in Bulgaria. The symbol of the Museum of Battle Glory is the restored Memorial Portal of the 29th Yambol Infantry Regiment.

Work time:
Opening hours:
Winter opening hours: 08:30 – 17:00 hours Summer opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00 hours On weekends (Sunday and Monday) the museum can be visited with prior appointment tel.: 0879 09 97 10.
Entrance fees:
Visitors over 18 years old. – BGN 3.00 / per visitor
For pupils, students, military personnel and adults over 65 – BGN 2.00 / per visitor
When visiting a group of 20 or more persons – BGN 2.00 / per visitor
When visiting a group of 20 or more pupils, students , military personnel and adults over 65 – BGN 1.00/ per visitor
TALKS: Thematic talk – BGN 3.00 Overview talk – BGN 5.00 Specialized talk – BGN 10.00

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