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Muzeiko Children’s Science Center

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Muzeiko stands as the largest children’s science center in Eastern Europe, brought to life by the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation. Occupying a vast area of 3,500 square meters, with 2,000 square meters dedicated to interactive games focused on science, engineering, ecology, communications, and the arts, Muzeiko offers a dynamic and engaging environment for children to explore and learn. The center goes beyond traditional observation, encouraging children to actively play with exhibits, making learning a fun and accessible experience.

At the heart of Muzeiko’s interior is its colossal Tree—an expansive structure that not only spans the lowest to the highest points within the building but also bridges prehistory with the cosmos, connecting the past to the future. The interior is organized into eras—past, present, and future—each featuring the most intriguing sciences of its time. Archeology and geology are explored in the past, nature and architecture in the present, and space exploration, energy, and communications in the future.

Muzeiko is a place where every day brings something new—Muzeiko’s knowledgeable staff, known as the Muzeiko people, present scientific demonstrations, engaging stories, and open studios dedicated to both science and art.

As part of its long-term goals, Muzeiko aims to welcome not only children but also parents and teachers, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Thematic Days are specially designed for this purpose, providing a platform to illustrate material studied between the 1st and 4th grades and encouraging a shared exploration of the wonders of science and discovery.

Ticket: BGN 9.00

Work time:
From Monday to Sunday:
10:00 – 18:00

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