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National Dormitory

Art & Culture

The National Student Dormitory serves as a dynamic hub for various educational, artistic, and cultural activities, providing a range of versatile spaces tailored to accommodate diverse events and initiatives. Let’s delve into the multitude of areas within this vibrant space:

1. Central Lobby: Spanning 250 square meters, this spacious area facilitates creative and representative initiatives for academic and public organizations, catering to gatherings of 80-100 people.

2. Chamber Hall “Akademik”: Located on the ground floor, this 250-square-meter hall accommodates up to 100 individuals, hosting an array of cultural events such as concerts, theatrical productions, castings, and video productions.

3. Gallery Hall: Situated on the 1st floor, this 100-square-meter space, equipped with movable chairs and a grand piano, hosts exhibitions, chamber concerts, conferences, seminars, and book premieres.

4. Conference Hall “8 December”: Nestled on the V floor, this hall, complemented by an adjacent open terrace overlooking the “National Assembly” square, suits student workshops, seminars, training events, and working meetings for groups of 25-30 people.

5. Rehearsal Halls: Spread across different floors, these halls, varying in size from 75 to 120 square meters, with wooden or laminate flooring, mirrors, and walls, cater to dance ensembles, ballet troupes, theater rehearsals, yoga sessions, and more. Some halls are equipped with pianos to facilitate artistic practice.

6. “Replika” Hall: A space on the 2nd floor, dedicated to avant-garde culture and art, accommodating up to 30 people while paying homage to the vibrant creative activity within the Student House.

7. Art-space “Aksakov 13”: A visually striking space along the staircase, stretching from the ground floor to the fifth last floor, serves as an ideal exhibition area for paintings, sculptures, and art installations.

8. Open Terrace: Positioned on the 5th floor, this expansive terrace offers panoramic views of the “National Assembly Square,” providing an exquisite setting for student initiatives and official public events.

These versatile spaces within the National Student Dormitory foster a vibrant cultural and educational environment, catering to a multitude of artistic, academic, and communal endeavors.

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