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San Stefano Gallery

Art & Culture

The San Stefano Gallery stands as a prime location in the heart of Sofia, renowned for hosting a diverse range of events spanning exhibitions, literary readings, musical and theatrical performances, cinema screenings, conferences, seminars, presentations, corporate celebrations, workshops catering to both children and adults, typography courses, and a myriad of other engagements. Conceptualized with the intention of becoming a focal point for social and cultural interactions, the Galleria San Stefano boasts a capacious, inviting, and versatile space that offers maximum adaptability within its interior design, allowing for swift and seamless transformations as needed.

Equipped with specialized lighting, an advanced audio-visual system, and supported by professional technical services, this gallery ensures a conducive environment for various activities. Its multifunctional nature allows for an array of events to unfold, accommodating the dynamic needs of diverse gatherings while fostering a vibrant space conducive to cultural exchange and community engagement.


Sofia, 22 San Stefano St

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