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Sofia Event Center

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The SOFIA EVENT CENTER (SEC) stands out as an unparalleled multifaceted venue, presenting over a hundred diverse event solutions—an offering quite unparalleled in Bulgaria. This location boasts a comprehensive suite of services, catering to an extensive range of event needs. Equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual technologies, the hall prides itself on embracing the latest trends, ensuring a state-of-the-art experience. Beyond its technological advancements, SEC distinguishes itself by offering top-tier stage design and ornate decorations, setting the stage for extraordinary experiences.

SEC emerges as an ideal space for hosting an array of events. From large-scale conferences and congresses to elegant gala dinners, prestigious awards ceremonies, captivating revue-performances, intimate chamber concerts, dynamic exhibitions, product launches, celebratory weddings, thought-provoking political forums, and even televised formats—the venue accommodates a diverse spectrum of gatherings, each event uniquely crafted and flawlessly executed within its adaptable confines. With its versatility and commitment to excellence, SEC transforms occasions into unforgettable moments, setting new standards in event hosting.

Sofia, 100 Cherni Vrah Blvd

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