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The Home of cinema in Sofia stands as a bastion of cinematic art, offering a rich tapestry of world cinema to professionals and film enthusiasts alike. Through its halls, it showcases a diverse array of international films, hosting retrospectives, thematic programs, and educational events that foster cultural exchange and uphold European and global values.

Initially serving as the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers’ hub, it transitioned into a public cinema post-1989. Embracing its role in Sofia’s vibrant cultural landscape, the cinema became an integral part of prestigious film festivals like Sofia Film Fest, Kinomania, and the Festival of European Co-productions.

One of its key objectives is curating a selection of the finest and most significant films each year. Home of cinema also dedicates itself to tailored events, catering to specific audience interests and engaging in pedagogical approaches to cultivate an appreciation for quality cinema among younger viewers. This includes screenings of classic and contemporary films followed by discussions with the film’s creative minds, fostering an interactive and immersive experience for the audience.

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Sofia, 37 “Exarch Yosif” St

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