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Nuance Gallery

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Nuance Gallery emerged in 2014 as an artistic venture spearheaded by Lily Vladimirova and Emil Chushev, positioning itself as a significant cultural hub in the heart of the capital. The gallery’s strategic location, housed within an architecturally striking space, coupled with a seasoned team and robust networks, underscored its ambition to play a pivotal role in Sofia’s cultural tapestry.

One of the gallery’s key challenges lay in harmonizing the revered works of old masters from its collection with the vibrant representation of contemporary artists, showcased through compelling solo exhibitions. Embracing the esteemed legacy of classical art, Nuance Gallery set a high benchmark for creative expression. The contemporary artists featured in the gallery stand on equal footing, demonstrating their mastery, dedication, and unreserved commitment to their artistic endeavors.

Since its inception, Nuance Gallery has curated over 50 exhibitions, actively participating in prestigious events such as the Salon of Galleries and Night of Museums. Additionally, the gallery takes pride in organizing the Competition for Contemporary Bulgarian Art, fostering a platform for emerging talents. Beyond exhibitions, the gallery extends a spectrum of services encompassing restoration, framing, and more, detailed in its services section. Complementing its core activities, Nuance Gallery delves into the publication and promotion of catalogs and books centered around the visual arts, further enriching its engagement with art enthusiasts and practitioners alike.

Work time:
Tuesday – Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m

Sofia, 42 “Ivan Denkoglu” St

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