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Gallery “One Monev”

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The ONE MONEV GALLERY serves as a pivotal cultural hub in Sofia’s vibrant art landscape, offering a platform for artists to showcase their works and engage with a diverse audience. The gallery’s spacious 160 m² area, situated at the intersection of Ivan Vazov Street and 6th September Street, provides an expansive canvas for artistic expression.

Established in May 2015 within the Serdika Offices’ atrium, the gallery made a significant mark in the art scene with its inaugural exhibition “Palimpsest” by Bogdan Alexandrov. Since then, it has consistently curated a diverse and engaging program of exhibitions throughout the year. This includes a thoughtful curation of established and emerging artists, both local and international, fostering an enriching dialogue between various artistic expressions and cultural influences.

The expansion of the gallery in November 2017 marked a pivotal moment, introducing a second exhibition space in the heart of Sofia. Nestled within a former military printing house, this move not only broadened the gallery’s physical footprint but also expanded its capacity to showcase more artworks and host larger-scale events.

Architecturally, the gallery’s new space is a testament to thoughtful design and preservation. Designed by architect Georgi Ovcharov and executed by CONA architects—known for their expertise in crafting galleries and exhibition spaces—the space is an ode to its historic past while embracing a modern, minimalist aesthetic. This restoration of a neoclassical building not only revitalizes the structure but also adds a dramatic allure to the streetscape, inviting art enthusiasts and visitors into a captivating artistic environment.

Moreover, the gallery’s global outreach is evident through its office in New York, underscoring its international connections and commitment to fostering a global dialogue within the art world. This outreach serves as a bridge between cultures, facilitating cross-border collaborations and exposing a wider audience to diverse artistic expressions.

The ONE MONEV GALLERY’s evolution and expansion underscore its dedication to promoting art, offering a compelling space for artistic discourse, and contributing significantly to Sofia’s dynamic cultural landscape.

Work time:
Monday – Friday:
12:00 – 19:00
12:00 – 18:00

Sofia, 14 “Ivan Vazov” St

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