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Credo Bonum Gallery

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“Credo Bonum” gallery emerges as a vibrant facet within the foundation of the same name, initiated by Tsvetelina Borislavova in 2006. Initially tied to CIBANK, the gallery bore the distinctive tag “Peaks” during its fifth anniversary in 2008. This transformation underscored its evolution into an autonomous cultural bastion, heralded among Sofia’s revered exhibition spaces.

With an archive spanning over 100 exhibitions, the gallery has undergone a transition in its exhibition policy since 2011. Now operating under the aegis of the Credo Bonum foundation, the gallery’s new direction seeks to diversify its offerings, enticing the public to explore an array of art forms and cultural themes. It aligns itself with the foundation’s multifaceted cultural and societal initiatives, aspiring to become an independent hub that embraces everyday life’s nuances and contemporary environmental concerns.

The gallery places a premium on diverse cultural expressions, fostering synthesis among art genres, bolstering social engagement, and harnessing art’s inherent critical potency. While it retains a strong commitment to contemporary art, young talents, collector and museum collections, photography, and applied arts, it also delves into broader cultural explorations.

Moreover, from 2014 onward, the gallery has curated exhibitions chronicling pivotal epochs in Bulgarian spiritual and cultural evolution, offering a window into the heritage and growth of artistry in the region.

Work time:
Monday – Friday:
11:00 – 19:00
15:00 – 19:00



Sofia, 2 “Slavyanska” St

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