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Testa Gallery

Art & Culture

Testa Gallery, established in 1999, embodies a unique vision as a dedicated space showcasing artists specializing in contemporary ceramics and porcelain. Our primary focus lies in presenting works that transcend functionality and delve into conceptual depth. We aspire to ignite public intrigue and appreciation for modern art and design objects by showcasing the evolving trends within this field.

Our commitment extends to fostering a heightened perception of aesthetics within everyday environments. In line with this vision, our gallery’s policy since 2011 includes the introduction of contemporary author’s jewelry. This addition complements our overarching concept, offering a seamless integration of artistic expression into daily life.

Through the convergence of ceramics, porcelain, and now contemporary jewelry, we seek to create new connections and encourage interactions that redefine artistic boundaries. Our aim is to curate a space that not only displays artistry but also sparks curiosity, prompting a deeper exploration of modern artistic expression.

Work time:
Monday-Friday: 10:30-19:30
Saturday-Sunday: 11:00-18:00

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