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Plasticine Studio

Art & Culture

Atelier “Plastelin” serves as a vibrant space and gallery dedicated to showcasing and launching the works of budding young authors. Functioning both as a physical gallery and an organizing entity, it orchestrates artistic events, offering a platform for emerging talents to present their creations to a diverse audience comprising friends, artists, art critics, and journalists. The primary goal is to amplify the presence of contemporary Bulgarian art by fostering an inclusive environment that facilitates cultural events.

This atelier operates as an open artistic community, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds to participate as volunteers. Established as the Atelier Plastelin Foundation, a collective of artists came together in the early months of 2008, establishing themselves as an autonomous artistic society. Their initiatives encompass a spectrum of creative expressions including exhibitions, performances, workshops, literary readings, working sessions, and theatrical displays, aiming to enrich the cultural landscape and promote artistic endeavors.


Sofia, 48 “Tsar Simeon” St

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